Monday, July 16, 2007

You're Going Deaf

All you iPod wearers and show-goers out there will be deaf before you're 40. Maybe not actually deaf, but hearing impaired.

Somebody has now figured that out and is marketing hearing aids to 20/30-somethings. Interestingly, they never use the term "hearing aid" on their website or in their direct mail pieces. Instead, they say they sell "personal communication assistants." Takes the stigma out of wearing the same kind of device grandpa does.

What's more, this new device can be something to be proud of and maybe even show off, because it comes in 15 designer colors to fit your active lifestyle.

If you want to see what your friends will be wearing within the next decade, check out the Audeo. A clever example of niche marketing to a resistant but growing segment.


  1. Arnold...why did you photoshop your picture into this advertisement?

  2. It's true . . . I look quite different without my shirt on.