Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

Something without implications for metaphysics or public policy, for a change . . .
Here's a 3-minute test I just found about about that tells you which of six "travel personalities" applies to you. It will tell you what kinds of vacations will appeal to you, and what won't.

I took the test, and I'd say 80% of my travel personality description ("Mid-Venturer") is exactly spot-on for how I like to travel. Seems this could be a good diagnostic for figuring out whom (or whom not) to take trips with.

So here's the test. Click on the "Plog Travel Personality Quiz" (at the top center of the linked page). You can just ignore the part later that asks for your name and e-mail; it'll still give you the results without it. If you take the test, and are brave enough to post a reply, I'd be curious to know:

  • What's your type, according to the results?
  • How accurate is the description? (Really, Somewhat, Dunno, Not So Much, Not At All)

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