Saturday, September 27, 2008

Planning to Vote for Jesus? Think Again.

As this sendup demonstrates, the state of political advertising in America has sunk to such a low that even Jesus could be made to look bad without too much difficulty. Two minutes.

Thanks to Friendly Atheist.


  1. That's quite the spin, both funny and unsettling with a fair bit of distortion and truth mixed together. Good use of satire.

    In the end, the Lord Himself said "My Kingdom is not of this world." One must get beyond human politics to even get a faint glimpse of the kingdom of God. And when one does, faith in the political vanishes. It may happen gradually, or it may be instant, but it will vanish. And in its place will be a firm trust in the resurrected Christ Who is currently seated at His Father's side on the highest throne in existence, awaiting the day when his enemies have become a footstool for His feet. NOTE: footstools are not enemies, they are not crushed, they are not threatening to a monarch. They are useful tools that remain WITH HIM in His throne room and are always SUBJECT TO HIM. I'm grateful to be a former enemy, now becoming a footstool. That is better than becoming President of the United States or Leader of the Free World. Lasts longer and means more.

  2. thanks for passing along, def interesting. def not a fan of current political environment at large.

  3. I just now found your blog. Nice! We have some catching up to do offline. Life has been very interesting (in a good way).