Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why I Never Had Kids: Too Many Details to Remember

I went to California over the weekend to visit my friend Karl. He and his wife have two young children.

And last month, I went to see Tony, his wife, and their three kids in Illinois.

These trips have been highly informative. I've learned just how difficult it is to be a skilled parent. For example:

See the rest of the series here.
(Thanks to Friendly Atheist for pointing out these instructions.)


  1. Hmmm...thanks Arnold. Dennis and I might need this someday. It does seem a little complicated. But if Karl and Hong figured it out, I'm sure we could, too.

    And...I think you would be a great father, once you find the lady blessed to be your wife.

  2. It's never to late to learn fatherhood firsthand, Arnold! And who is going to run your blog for you when you retire?


  3. Yeah, Arnold...now all you need is your baby's mama. That shouldn't be hard to find at all.