Monday, June 16, 2008

Litmus Test

It's truly amazing. In less than 40 seconds, you'll be able to diagnose your theology. Are you Catholic, Calvinistic, Baptist, Atheistic, or what? Watch this video, and your response (or cluster of responses) will tell you, just like that: - Watch more free videos

(Thanks to Friendly Atheist, where I first saw this video.)


  1. It was hard to tell what my theology was with all those women screaming like the sky was falling.

    Does surprise count as theology? Hmmm, the thing looked heavy and as though it could have crushed someone underneath it. Who thinks of that when they design a processional? And the guys bearing the litter looked kind of too old to be lifting heavy objects.

    I grew up with icons and statues of saints all through my childhood, and the plastic statue of Mary that my grandmother gave me was hard to get rid of. It was annoying and creepy, and all that came back to me as I watched the video. People in my family didn't throw stuff like that away, they handed it down to the next generation. After Mom died, all that stuff ended up in storage, kind of like artifacts in the opening of the new Indiana Jones movie.

    It is also sort of like seeing the American flag being abused or mishandled, even though it isn't America it represents America, and such symbols/objects have powerful effects on us. We treat them differently.

    So, the litmus test didn't say much to me.

  2. The statue falling makes me smile...the screaming reaction makes me angry.

    -Brad Wofford