Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who Said It?

"Evangelical Christians are the most incompetently portrayed group in America, in TV, in fiction, in the news. When Christians say that the media gets them wrong, Christians are absolutely right. Christian life in this country is really horribly documented, and way more interesting than is done. Generally, in the media, very religious Christians are portrayed as hardheaded doctrinaire knuckleheads. But in fact, from my experience, the most religious Christians I know tend to be incredibly thoughtful, complicated, generous to a fault, very principled and not knuckleheads. Actually, they’re sort of weirdly the opposite of the stereotype, and that includes people from the hardcore fundamentalist faiths."

Who said it?
  • a. Jim Dobson

  • b. Pat Robertson

  • c. Ira Glass (atheistic Jewish host of the radio and TV shows, This American Life)

OK, the test was too easy, but the answer is still surprising. Click here for the whole interview.

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