Sunday, March 18, 2007

Augustine On: Why Apologetics Can Never Be Enough

"From my own experience I knew that there was nothing strange in the fact that a man who finds bread agreeable to the taste when he is well finds it hard to eat when he is sick, and that light is hateful to sore eyes, although we welcome it when our sight is hale and clear. In the same way the wicked find your justice disagreeable, just as they find vipers and worms unpleasant."

(Confessions, VII.16)

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  1. I was 16 when I became a believer, and didn't read the Bible regularly until contact with friends in The Navigators as a freshman in college. Then, I needed apologetics, not that it affected if I believed in Christ or not--I had a relationship with Him.

    Before I believed, I did have a little exposure to apologetics as I perused my neighborhood library. And although I disagreed, I was surprised that the arguements were logical if not exactly coherent to me at the time.

    It helped.