Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vote For _____________________

I have a bit of a problem. Maybe you're in a similar quandary.

  • Next week is Georgia's primary. I plan to vote. But for whom? The candidate compatibility test I referred to in my post last Friday says that my best-match candidate is Mitt Romney. The problem is that I don't like Mitt Romney. At the risk of being overly partisan (but hey, this is a blog, right?), it shakes out like this:
  • * Romney 91.9% match. I like his policies, apparently, but he seems too slick to be real.
  • Huckabee 90.9%. I like his religious beliefs and his sense of humor, but not his economic populism.
  • Ron Paul 86.9% Huh?
  • McCain 80.5% He seems like the kind of guy who should be president, but I'm a little concerned about his temperament.
  • Giuliani 76.0%. Even if I like many of his positions, I don't vote for lunatics.
  • Obama 61.8%. I like his engaging, inquisitive style, but face it: he is a flaming liberal.
  • Clinton 55.2%, Edwards 54.5%. They'll say anything to get elected. Scary people.

So, do I vote for the guy I like (McCain), the brother in Christ who tells good jokes (Huckabee), or the executive whose positions I mostly agree with (Romney)? How do you decide whom to support?

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