Friday, January 18, 2008

The Best Candidates Money Can Buy

Thanks to my friend Bob, who pointed out on his blog that there's a quick test you can take to find out which presidential candidates best align with your positions on the issues. Go here to take the test.

According to the results, I seem to be a Republican. All 6 Republicans scored above the 4 Democrats. My best fit is with Romney; the top Democrat is Obama. My full results are here.
If you take the test, please share your results. Just for fun. No vitriol allowed.



    Pretty accurate as I did vote absentee for McCain in the CA primary.



    Too bad Huckabee didn't do well in Michigan.

  3. No surprise, Huckabee on top with McCain and Romney close behind

  4. Thompson (96.96%), McCain (94.46%), Romney (93.57%), Huckabee (93.52%), Giuliani (93.35%), Paul (81.34%), Obama (68.56%), Clinton (65.31%), Edwards (64.01%), Kucinich (54.44%).

    The only surprise here for me is that McCain ranks higher than Romney.