Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things You Don't Hear in Every Discipleship Group (But You Will Hear in Mine)

We have some great discussions in the discipleship group I'm co-leading this year. I appreciate the honesty and the engagement level of each one of the guys. But we're all a bit quirky (who isn't, once you get to know them?), so some unusual things can get said during the course of the evening. Here's a gem from last night:

I almost feel like, "If none of this is true, how come I'm not eating people?"

Photo: Jeffrey Dahmer, murderer, necrophiliac, cannibal. A prison video of him professing a newfound faith in Christ can be found here (5 minutes).


  1. that is funny. my mind is thinking who this must have been.....hmmmm

  2. Arnold,

    Please hurry up and post something new. My blog has a section that gives a preview of your latest post, which means I get to have a little picture of Jeffrey Dahmer on my sidebar as long as this is your latest post. It's creepy! Try to post a picture of something cool, like a punk rocker who has brilliant marriage advice to offer!

    Derek Ashton

  3. He looks rather natty on your blog, don't you think?

    Sorry I'm not posting as has gotten exceedingly busy. I hope to have more things posted soon.