Sunday, December 21, 2008

So Much for Global Warming

I arrived in Portland, Oregon, earlier today (Saturday). I was supposed to arrive yesterday, but Delta cancelled my flight. They were nice enough to add a nonstop makeup flight this morning - and put me in first class - so I have nothing to complain about...except the weather.

It's snowing. And when it's not snowing, there's freezing rain. The temperature is 20 degrees and may not go above freezing until Wednesday. In my mom's neighborhood, the snow/ice on the roads is several inches deep, with drifts knee-high. The DOT requires chains on all state routes, but even chains aren't enough to guarantee traction.

So we're homebound for at least the next couple days.
(In case you didn't know, the typical highs this time of year are about 40 degrees. A little global warming right now would be nice.)

Photo: Found online on , taken in my part of town earlier this evening.


  1. actually... global warming melts ice and cools the ocean which causes more snow and harsher winter... get educated man

  2. So if we have winters with above average temperatures, we say it's a proof of global warming.

    And if we have winters with below average temperatures (and record snowfalls), we say it's a proof of global warming.

    Doesn't that make global warming an unfalsifiable hypothesis?