Monday, March 31, 2008

News You May Have Missed: Oh, those silly, ignorant, myth-making Bible fabricators . . . Oops, never mind.

So far, only the British media have picked up on this story. So you heard it here first (maybe).

It appears a Sumerian astronomer in 3123 B.C. may have recorded the event that destryed Sodom with fire and brimstone (and no, it's not April Fool's): It may have been hot gas blowback from an asteroid that crashed in Austria.

Here's the article in the Times of London, a longer version in The Register, and a third version in the Daily Mail.
I love it when news stories such as this show up. True, they don't prove anything. They could be wrong. And I don't need them to validate my faith. But it's nice to see some evidence in the secular press every now and then that maybe the Bible isn't as fanciful as some claim.

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