Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Reason Not to Let the Kids Watch TV

Remember my May 13 post about Mickey Mouse being a terrorist? Terrorist was, of course, my term, and certainly not that of his Hamas creators. Nor is he named Mickey Mouse, but rather Farfur.
In any case, according to Hamas TV, Farfur has now been killed by an Israeli Jew. You can read about it here, or just go watch the short video here.

There's something criminal about what these people are teaching their children. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes when they stand before God. (I don't want to be in my shoes, either, but that's a different story!)

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  1. What makes me wonder is why they had to use Farfur to communicate a message of hate? Usually, kids effectively pick this up indirectly from their parents without help from the outside. Or are they worried that not enough kids "get it"? Or that parents are not ensuring that the hate gets into the next generation? Or are they afraid that kids might start wishing for peace? Or even worse, that their children might start getting angry that the adults in their society can't seem to provide a peaceful resolution for their sakes and the sake of future generations?