Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Was Wrong

Six months ago, I predicted that McCain would win the election in a landslide. I was wrong on only two aspects of my prediction:
  • McCain
  • (McCain) In a landslide

Every now and then, I call a trend accurately. As for the other times, I'm glad we don't live under Old Testament law. False prophets were stoned.


  1. In defense of Arnold, he did qualify his prediction by saying, "The only thing that can change this is if the Democrats choose their VP candidate exceptionally well and the Republicans choose exceptionally poorly."
    I am not sure how much Palin had to do with McCain's defeat, but it obviously mattered. As Seth Myers, the lead writer for SNL said, "she was a comedian's gold mine!"


  2. Yeah, like Ron said, I think most will reflect that Palin didn't help in the end.

    You forgot to mention: "Or one other change could be that global markets could collapse and voters could sacrifice Bush and his entire party on the altar for letting it happen on his watch."

  3. Arnold,

    Big of you to admit to being wrong, and especially on your public blog. But don't worry, we have elected a new messiah, and I'm sure he will add forgiving you to his loooooooong list of pie in the sky campaign promises. Maybe he will add a writ of forgiveness to the free health care plans he's giving away, or the free retirement plans. In any case, after he gets done dismantling national defense there won't be enough fire power left to punish you for voting against him.

    I admit to being a bit disappointed, but the Scripture verse you posted says it all: it is God who raises up the man, and for His own purposes. Now we must pray for the man He has raised up.

  4. Well I'm sure you all correct. That said I feel a bit optimistic. Like the Grinch when his "heart grew three times that day"...or perhaps Sam after the ring melted in Mt. Doom. Relief that the darkness is lifting though so tired from the journey.