Thursday, December 17, 2009

No More Anonymity

I changed my settings so anonymous comments are no longer allowed.  That's because I've been getting a lot of spam postings, lately (all of which I've deleted).

And yes, I know I haven't posted anything for a month.  I haven't given up; I've just been busy and distracted.  I intend to return.


  1. Hello, I've started following your blog and am enjoying thinking about the ideas you've put to the keyboard. I enjoy writing literary comments on recent reads as well.

  2. Hi Mary -
    Thanks for your comments, and thanks for reading. I hope to get back to more regular posting soon, but it's a challenge!

  3. Thanks, I appreciate it. Busy at work, and planning for an upcoming vacation. It may be March before I resurface...but you never know.

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