Thursday, September 3, 2009

Give This Picture a Caption

The Dalai Lama's been visiting Taiwan this week. Here, he listens through his interpreter as (Catholic) Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi prays at an interfaith meeting.
That's the official story. But when I saw this picture, many alternate explanations and possible captions popped into my head, such as:
  • "Pray harder! He's winning!"
  • "Your Holiness, I think the Cardinal fell asleep. What do we do now?"
  • "He just prayed your food will be poisoned!"
You can do better. Add your own caption in the comments...
(Click on the picture if you'd like a larger version.)


  1. "...something about delivering us from a weevil. Hey, my uncle's a weevil!"

  2. *"If I'm not mistaken, he could be your long lost twin brother..."

    *"Why don't we go downtown, get some brewskies and throw a few darts... I guess he can come along if he loosens up a little."

    *"No, you ask him who does his hair."

    *"What? You think Arnold is stealing a shtick from AJC? Naw...not Arnold."

  3. I'm around...just too crazy busy to post, lately.

    I'll be back.

  4. My caption: "He scares me!" :D Happy new year!