Monday, October 29, 2007

Brewing Up Some Myths

More about my trip to Naples and Rome . . .
Some things are better in Italy: pizza.
Some things are worse: coffee.
It seems like every guide book you read gushes on about how good the coffee is in Italy. They even tell you who has the best coffee in each city (San Eustachio in Rome, Mexico in Naples).
It's all a lie.
For me, coffee is something to enjoy over a period of many minutes or even an hour or two. It's something that's synonymous with conversation, deep thoughts, and good times ("Let's do coffee").
But in Italy, coffee is a quick swallow. Nothing more. Sure, it tastes OK, sometimes even good. But one gulp and it's gone. There's always time for coffee in Italy, because it takes no time for coffee in Italy: in one minute you can order, pay, swig, and depart.
Starbucks has already moved into France and even Austria. When they get to Italy, they'll do just fine.

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